Pair, Pair & Authorization Error Fix On Kodi

All the KODI users who are out there most of them have been using Pair or pair server to watch their favorite movies and Tv shows and why not this server is one of the most reliable servers and an extension to KODI which provides you with all the latest movies and Tv shows, The only thing is sometimes there are people who face pair error because of which they can’t connect to the server and watch their favorite movies or Tv shows.

In this article, I will help you to figure out how you can solve openload pair authorization, But before we get into that first we will see what exactly is, what is the use of it and then we will see how you can encounter this error or what exactly is the meaning of pair or, and then at the end I will tell you about the methods that will hopefully help you to get rid of those errors. So without wasting much time lets just get started. Pair Authorization Fix For All Kodi Users ( )

A Bit Intro about Openload server (aka pair )

If you have been a KODI user for a long time then you definitely know what exactly is is and if not I am pretty sure that you might have used it unknowingly many times just to watch your favorite movie or Tv show. To all the new KODI users out there, is basically a server which will allow you to host and share all kinds of files with your friends and others as well.

You can ask anyone who has been using KODI for a while now, and he will tell you that one of the most reliable servers to watch your movies or tv shows is from pair server, Once you are connected to this you will be able to stream any of the latest or old tv shows and music without any hassle. since is so much popular most of the KODI add-ons that are out there will have this server as a host integrated into their system.

What exactly is Openload pair error is all about?

Well, basically when you open up your KODI and select any movie to watch there will be a list of servers from which you can watch the movie, and if you select openload pair  (aka pair ) server then you will get an error which will basically say that there is stream authorization error. basically, is one of those sites which hosts movies on the high-end server and only want to stream those movies to a genuine user, Pair Pair Error Fix on KODI

So to prevent any unwanted leaking of bandwidth and a user having a terrible experience while watching the movie because it is streaming slow or something the user might get frustrated so in order to prevent such things requires you to manually pair the ip address of your network with them so that they can whitelist that that ip address and user will be able to watch movies or tv shows without any disturbance.

How to Solve or pair Error on Kodi?

Well basically solving this error is really a piece of cake, All you need to do is just follow the simple instructions which are given below to solve this error.

  1. First of all, if you read the error message correctly it will tell you that you need to go to a certain URL to pair your ip address, So you need to open up your browser and go to the following official URL
  2. Once you have done that you need to tick the checkbox in front of text which says “I am not a robot” and then you be asked to solve the captcha challenge.
  3. It is a really simple challenge you can easily solve it and once you have done that you will need to click on the button that says activate streaming pair fix pair fix
  4. Once it says successful you can easily go back to KODI select the movie that you want to watch and select the or pair or and you will no longer see the error pop up message
  5. Keep in mind that your IP is paired only for four hours so once after four hours you can simply follow the steps mentioned above and you will again have access to or pair or pair . pair pair
  6. If you are on a Tv or any other screen in which you don’t have an option to open a browser then don’t worry, pair only needs your IP address so as long as your Tv screen or the device screen and your computer or even your mobile phone are on the same network you can easily open the browser through your PC or your phone and follow the steps which are mentioned above.

Conclusion Pair

If you have followed the above instructions correctly then you should be able to solve this error without any issues. If you are using an Amazon Firestick or chrome cast and don’t have the option, to use the browser then don’t worry just refer to the instruction number 6 which is mentioned above. pairing your IP with pair or is really simple and it only takes up to fifteen to twenty seconds. also, there is no need to mention that if you are using KODI and also pair then you should definitely use VPN because watching or streaming movies or tv shows from such resources might be illegal in your country, so you need to be careful while using it.

Another way to get pass through this error message is to completely remove the list of servers which ask you to pair your IP address with them, You can do it inside the KODI itself. You need to go to KODI exodus settings and then under Playback setting, you will find an option which says “Hosters with captchas”, You need to disable it. Once you have done that you will only see movie servers or in this case hosters which will not ask you to pair your IP address, But keep in mind that if you want to use the openload pair KODI or pair servers or hosters then you need to connect or pair your IP address with them.